Which type of air conditioner to choose


Installing a ducted air conditioner is more difficult than installing a wall mounted air conditioner the price is higher than this and any other system. Most suitable for large houses, they cool several rooms at the same time.

Benefits of a ducted air conditioner

  • Fast and uniform cooling in all rooms
  • Dehumidifies ambient air for greater comfort
  • Easy to control temperature with control box

Disadvantages of a ducted air conditioner

  • Does not allow to air-condition rooms separately.

If your house does not have pre-installed air ducts, the initial cost is quite high and you will have to do some repairs because the air ducts are in the false ceiling.


Wall mounted air conditioner is relatively more economical.

Unlike a ducted air conditioner, which requires a duct system, a wall-mounted air conditioner communicates with indoor equipment through small pipes that are inserted through a hole made in the wall.

Benefits of wall mounted air conditioners

  • Низкий уровень шума
  • Быстрое охлаждение воздуха
  • Осушает окружающий воздух для большего комфорта

You can easily control the temperature, fan power, airflow direction, timer and more with the remote control.

Disadvantages of wall mounted air conditioners

  • Installation is difficult in some places
  • The device is placed in each room that needs to be cooled
  • The more indoor units you distribute around the house, the higher the electricity consumption
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